Mike Lenhart

Guitar, Vocals

As a young musician, Mike dabbled in jazz and learned to play many of the popular songs everyone sang along to on the radio. He comes from a musical family; his dad is an accomplished jazz bass player, and both his grandmother and great grandmother were professional musicians.

When he was just 14, the musician got his professional start with the band Colossus, which toured locally at elementary schools. Ever since, the freelance guitarist continues to hold his own on stage, cherishing every minute.

Over his musical career Mike has worked as a solo artist or with his previous bandmates from Triage and Sierra Strings. He has captivated crowds at numerous neighborhood hot spots including El Dorado Saloon, The Wine Smith, Cozmic Café, Smith Flat House, Crystal Basin Cellars, and Boeger Winery. He enjoys playing many styles including Rock, Blues, Jazz and Country.


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